Metal pool fencing is a constant repair issue due to water corrosion from weather and irrigation.

Neglecting pool fence repairs places an unmitigated risk to owners, tenants and visitors alike while also simultaneously placing the entire community into a perspective litigious event. SFM field staff is trained on State, County and Local codes regarding pool fencing, balcony rails, and stair hand rails. We also prioritize life safety issues ensuring they are repaired expeditiously removing the life safety issue form the community as well as potential litigious events.

The following is a partial list of Welding and Metal Fence Services offered:

  • Repair damaged metal fencing
  • Repair/Replace Metal Gates
  • Repair/Replace Gate “Kant Slams”
  • Repair Metal Balcony
  • Replace entire fencing systems
  • Modify fencing/gates balcony’s to code (4’’rule)
  • Repair/replace metal stair railings

Don’t wait for an accident to happen at your pool, contact SFM today for a free inspection of your pool fencing.