Do you own or manage a building or other large property? Do you currently manage an HOA and need to hire a new electrical contractor? Do you feel like your electrician doesn’t treat you the same way they used to, but charge you more than ever before?

With most commercial service providers, you tend to contact them only when a problem arises – and that is always when it’s most inconvenient to you. With SFM Construction & Painting Co., we try to provide a more proactive service and maintenance program that addresses potential electrical issues before they arise.

With over 100 years of service, we can assure you that we can handle all of the requests necessary for your property, including: pole and street lighting, lighting for your monuments, electrical panel installations and upgrades, conduit maintenance and installation, and other troubleshooting items. Our two biggest concerns are the safety and security needs of your property, and providing 24/7 service to make sure your emergency needs are always met regardless of the time of day.

Our professional and experienced electricians can effectively diagnose all potential problems with your community, and will provide expert opinions and options of products and/or services that will help you cut energy costs, provide better lighting and security needs for your tenants, reduce unnecessary power outages, and give you a greater peace of mind.

We know that as a business, customer service is your main priority along with the safety of all your customers.

We are available 24/7 for any outages, panel issues, or other problems that may occur day or night. Call us today and keep your property moving forward in the right direction.


A lighting audit is an investigative process that measures conditions against standards to determine where cost-effective changes can be made. Below is a brief description of the steps to be followed when conducting an energy audit for lighting.

The first step is a walk-through of the property to observe the quantity and quality of available light. Problems are noted such as an area where lighting levels are too high, where lights are left on unnecessarily, or where factors leading to visual discomfort may inhibit productivity or safety. The type, quantity, location and height of lamps and fixtures are recorded. Next, simple retrofit possibilities, such as switching from general lighting to task lighting are considered. For example, by simply lowering the fixture height, a lighting system can be changed from general to task-oriented with a desirable increase in contrast between the task area and the general workplace. Also, painting equipment slightly lighter than the surrounding area adds contrast and aids workers in discerning moving parts, thereby increasing safety. Possible areas for these improvements are noted during the audit.

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